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The same event from the four house perspectives. Won third place at firebolt_elite.

Title: The Badger

Word Count: 100
Cedric Diggory tried to pay attention and memorize each Hufflepuff’s name as the Sorting Hat sent them to his table, but his thoughts were distracted by one of the names that had yet to be called – Harry Potter. He tried to find a boy with a scar in the students still waiting to be sorted. He couldn’t decide if he wanted the boy in his house– surely Potter and his fame would be a disruption. And if the Boy Who Lived were a Hufflepuff, his house might lose some of its undeserved reputation – and Cedric kind of liked being underestimated.

Title: The Snake
Word Count: 100
Draco Malfoy smiled, pleased with himself, as he swaggered over to the Slytherin table. The older students shook his hand and welcomed him, though a few wary glances were thrown his way. Draco nodded and quickly turned his attention back to the Sorting – and Harry Potter. After meeting Potter earlier, he decided his father wouldn’t have asked him to befriend the boy if he had known Potter associated with blood traitors like the Weasleys. Still, he knew he’d be in trouble if he didn’t succeed, and it would be a lot easier if Potter were sorted to the same house.

Title: The Eagle
Word Count: 100
Cho Chang muffled a giggle as one of her girlfriends elbowed her, looking pointedly in the direction of the Hufflepuff table. Cho glanced over and saw a tall, handsome boy a year ahead of her quickly glance away. She grinned and turned back to the Sorting. Her eyes locked in on a cute First Year who was running a hand through his dark hair. She glimpsed a scar on his forehead as he messed with his hair and realized who it was. Instantly curious, she hoped he would be a Ravenclaw – she thought she’d like to get to know him.

Title: The Lion
Word Count: 100
Percy Weasley glared at the twins as they whispered through the Sorting. Didn’t they know how important this was? He heard them wager on where Ron would go, and he tuned them out as he heard Harry Potter’s name called. He crossed his fingers that the Boy Who Lived would be a Gryffindor – wouldn’t that be a coup for his house? And surely dropping Potter’s name to the Ministry would serve him well in getting a job later. When the Sorting Hat called out Gryffindor, he was one of the first to his feet to shake their new member’s hand.

In the Pink

Title: In the Pink
Word Count: 515
Summary: Sirius deals with turning pink for a day

d, as Sirius looked around and grinned, a thoughtful and mischievous look spreading on his face.

One Fine Day

TITLE: One Fine Day
NOTES: Intentional parody written for a Hogsmeade contest where we had to write crack!fic with a Mary Sue.

TITLE: The Social and Psychological Effects of Dividing Houses Based on Characteristics of Students
NOTES: Contest prompt: We're all in hogwarts_elite so we must agree to some extent with the separation of people into 4 discrete houses. But do you fully support the way JKR did it - splitting prepubescent students based on the qualities they value/will soon value: wisdom, bravery, ambition, hard work? Do you think this is the best way? Discuss. If you disagree, write an essay detailing how you would split the students differently, giving your reasons.

A Boy With A Scar

NOTES: This was written for a Hogsmeade contest prompt: The premise is simple enough. You take one of the following songs, and rewrite it so that the lyrics relate to Harry Potter, H_E, or the fandom in general. As long as your entry still bears some resemblance to the original song, pretty much anything goes.

SONG TITLE: A Boy With A Scar
With all apologies to a A Boy Named Sue

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Random contest entries

These are some random entries to Hogsmeade contests over at hogwarts_elite. They're not traditional fictions, but I think some of them are fun nevertheless.

An open letter to Ms. Rowling
NOTES: Written for a contest pre-Deathly Hallows: With Deathly Hallows to be released in a matter of weeks, everyone is speculating about different things they'd love to see happen in the last book-- or hate to see happen. Here's your chance to get in your complaints ahead of the crowd. Imagine you've just read Deathly Hallows from cover to cover. Now, write a letter to JK Rowling telling her about all the things you absolutely hated about the latest book. Are you pissed that she's killed Harry? Bored with all the romance? Disappointed that Ron hooks up with Draco? Stomping your foot that Snape turns out to be Lily in disguise?

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NOTES: Written for Hogsmeade prompt: For this contest, your task is to write a recipe for a food item from the Harry Potter universe. Take heed! This item must be Harry Potter specific.
RECIPE: Canary Creams

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TITLE: Men Who Love Dragons Too Much
NOTES For Hogsmeade prompt: Your challenge for this contest is to write an excerpt, from an in universe perspective, of any of the books mentioned in Harry Potter canon.

By Draco Dormiens; 1999 edition (with updates!)

Chapter 1: How to know if you are a Man Who Loves Dragons Too Much: Getting Over Your Denial is the First Step

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PROMPT: Your job is to apply to hogwarts_elite not as yourself, but as a character. The catch is this character cannot be a Harry Potter character. You must apply impersonating a character from another fandom--any other fandom.

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TITLE: "Auror Rock"
NOTES: Won first place on this prompt: Your task is to write a synopsis of the pilot episode of a new television show about to debut in wizarding homes across Britain. We don't need the entire episode written out--just a summary will be sufficient. Be sure to introduce the major characters and the setting as well as the plot of the episode.

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Random contest graphics

So here are a bunch of graphics and icons and things I've made for Hogsmeade and hogwarts_elite contests over the past two terms. Some of this is pre-Deathly Hallows. There are two icons in here that won 3rd place, somehow! I have no idea what people were smoking, since there are so many more talented people than me, but yay!

In Rumor Veritas

For firebolt_elite. Prompt: You must write a fan fiction using the following 5 words: aquamarine, smouldered, yew, irrevocable & vicissitudes. The entries must be exactly 500 words long. Book 7 spoilers are allowed.

Title: In Rumor Veritas
Word Count: 500 words
Pairing: Harry/Ginny

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly drabbles

Written for a firebolt_elitecontest. Prompt: You must write three 100 word drabbles. The theme on the first drabble is The Good. The theme of the second drabble is The Bad. The theme of the third drabble is The Ugly. Your drabbles will need to be Harry Potter related. The drabbles will be judged as a set. 

Title: The Good
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Snape glanced at Lily out of the corner of his eye, a smile ghosting his lips as her fiery red hair spilled over her shoulder onto her books once again. She pushed it back unconcernedly, chewing on the end of her quill as she squinted at her parchment.

Their friendship had been strained throughout fourth year, but it was moments like this, sitting here in the library studying together, that made Severus forget all the arguments and tension that had been steadily growing between them.

At that moment, she looked up as if she had felt his gaze, and smiled.

Title: The Bad
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

As soon as the word slipped out of his mouth, he knew that he would never see her smile at him again.


He had seen her face change as the word registered in her brain. The fiery passion of her defense of him was slowly replaced by an indifferent mask, as if she had finally realized who he was.

He never meant the word to slip out, never around her. Somehow, in his anger and humiliation, he had lost control and with it, he knew he had finally lost any chance at her love, and the world turned dark.

Title: The Ugly
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

The world turned black, and his legs nearly gave out as the mark settled into his skin, raw and ugly and excruciating. It took every ounce of his will to keep from falling to his knees, to not empty his stomach onto the hard stone floor.

Just as he thought he had lost control, he summoned a memory to the surface of his mind. A young girl appeared out of the corner of his eye, her dark red hair flowing over her shoulder and concealing her face, until she looked up at him, lighting up the room with her smile.
Yet another entry in firebolt_elite. phuck tells me I was only one point off first place with this one. 

You must write two 250 - 500 word ficlets that show the same scene from a Harry Potter book from the perspective of two characters who are not Harry. For example, you can write a short scene from the perspectives of Hagrid and Aunt Petunia when Hagrid comes to take Harry from the Dursley family on his 11th birthday.

Title: An Ignominious Death
Word Count: 484
Rating: PG

Title: Friends til the End
Word Count: 466
Rating: G